4/27/2015 For the last several months, the University has been transitioning to a new Web Content system.  As a result, postings have been slow.  We hope to catch up with the recent (and not so recent) Lab news over the spring.


3/4/2015 Marc presented some of Ran's single molecule data at the 2015 Keystone DNA Replication and Recombination meeting in Whistler, Canada.


1/1/2015 Happy New Year!


12/15/2014  The review article on RPA by Ran Chen and Marc was chosen for the cover of the December, 2014 issue of BioEssays.


1/1/2014  Happy New Year!


11/19/2013  Marc visited Minneapolis/St. Paul to give a seminar at the U of Minnesota.  He also got to visit Cathy Hass (Ph.D. 2012).  Cathy is doing product and process development at Bioamber in Minneapolis.  She has found working in industry to be exciting and is using knowledge and experimental approaches from a number of disciplines including: molecular biology, protein chemistry, metabolic pathways.  Cathy is living in downtown Minneapolis.  (Picture of the Minneapolis skyline at night was taken from the top level of Cathy and Matt's apartment building.)


9/16/2013  Wold lab emerita Anne Dickson visited.  Anne (Ph. D. 2008) works with Life Technologies and was in Iowa CIty for a flow cytometry conference.  She also gave a talk about working in the biotech industry to the department.  Anne  was able to stop by the lab for a short visit before traveleling back to Oregon.  Picture at left: Anne with Roman. Picture at right:  Anne working in the lab from before she graduated.



9/14/2013 Marc and Ran attended the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Eukaryotic DNA Replication & Genome Maintenance.  Ran had lots of business at her poster and was talking the entire session.  (Picture of Marc courtesy  of CSH.)



8/24/2013 The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Iowa celebrates its 65th anniversary with a retreat and banquet. Ran presenting her research at the 65th anniversary retreat (with thanks to Dr. Bob Roskoski for taking the picture)



3/8/2013 Marc presented a talk and a poster at the 2013 Keystone DNA Replication and Recombination meeting in Banff, Canada.


1/1/2013  Happy New Year!

8/5/2012  Marc attended and presented a poster at the Protein Society Meeting in San Diego, California.

4/20/2012  Cathy Hass gave her Ph.D. seminar entitled:  "Function of Replication Protein A in DNA Repair and Cell Checkpoints”.  Cathy also successful defended her dissertation!!  Congratulations Cathy!!   Picture of Cathy and Marc after her seminar.


1/5/2012  Happy New Year!

12/20/2011   The Wold Lab Web site has been updated.  News will be posted here as new events occur.

9/8/2011  Ran, Cathy, and Marc attend the Cold Spring Habor Meeting on DNA Replication and Genome Maintenance.  Ran presented a poster and Cathy gave a platform talk.