This is the web site of Marc Wold's lab.  

We study DNA replication and repair in human cells and the functions of Replication Protein A.

Model of the human RPA complex bound to ssDNA.  All domains of RPA are shown with RPA1 in green, RPA2 in blue, RPA3 in red and ssDNA in black.  Model was developed using the known structures of the domains of RPA and the structure of Ustalago RPA bound to DNA (Fan J & Pavletich NP. 2012. Genes Dev 26:2337).  For more details about RPA-DNA interactions see Chen, R. and Wold, M.S. (2014) “Replication protein A: Single-stranded DNA's first responder: Dynamic DNA-interactions allow replication protein A to direct single-strand DNA intermediates into different pathways for synthesis or repair”Bioessays doi: 10.1002/bies.201400107.  PMID:25171654.

Chen and Wold -Bioessays