Wold lab early summer of 2015  (from left to right: Amy Hanson, Laura Fischer, Marc Wold, Ran Chen)


Alesandro Vindigni, another Canadian Friend, and Marc Wold in Vancouver, Canada.  Traveling back from 2015 Keystone meeting on DNA replication and recombination.


Wold lab summer of 2013  (from left to right: Ebose Okoruwa, Marc Wold, Ran Chen, Drew Gartner, Kirubel Hailu, Arthur Wold)


Maria Spies, Canadian Friend and Marc Wold in Calgary, March 2013.   Traveling back from the Keystone Replication and Repair meeting.


Wold lab summer of 2012  (from left to right: Kirubel Hailu, Marc Wold, Cathy Hass, David Janiczek, Ran Chen)


Wold lab summer of 2010 (from left to right: Ran Chen, Cathy Hass, Koonyee (Arielle) Lam, Miranda Verry, Alex Wegner, Young Seol, Back row Marc)


Wold lab summer of 2009 (from left to right:  Karissa Carlson, Alexander Menning, Algela Kephart, Troy Humphreys, Marc, Aaron Mason, Cathy Hass)


June 2009 - right after Tze Fei graduated (from left to right: Marc, Troy Humphreys, and Tze Fei Gan)


Wold lab spring of 2008 (from left to right:  Brad Wilenbring, Stuart Haring, Troy Humphreys,  Aaron Mason, Marc)


Wold lab fall of 2006 (from left to right, back row:  Aaron Mason, Stuart Haring, Troy Humphreys,  Marc; front row:  Xaio Peng, Wei-Chen Chen, Anne Sheehan, Sara Binz)


Wold lab at Cold Spring Harbor fall of 2005 (from left to right:  Marc Wold, Sara Binz, Stuart Haring, Anne Sheehan)


Wold lab summer of 2002 (from left to right, back row:  Marc Wold, Julius Oni, Iwona Wyka, Kajari Dahr, Sriram (Ram) Sathiamoorthy; front row: Sara Binz, Anne Sheehan, Brian Gilmore)


Wold lab at Cold Spring Harbor fall of 2001 (from left to right:  Anne Sheehan, Iwona Wyka, Bonnie Moses, Sara Binz, Marc Wold, Kajari Dahr)


Wold lab spring of 1996-Xavier's graduation (from left to right:  Changguen Lee, Andre Walther, Kate Braun, Marc Wold, Xavier Gomes, Zita Sibenaller, Xiangwen Dong)


Summer 1995-Marc trying an experiment with Mike Bjerke looking on


Wold lab summer of 1989-Marc setting up the lab in Bowen Science Building (a time of ordering equipment and deciding where things went)